Where Would Derria Shop?

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It’s no secret that love to shop and I can practically do it in my sleep! With that being said I wanted to share my favorite places to shop online & in-stores so you’ll be hip to my frugal shopping tricks & tactics!

Frida Tee Shirt

I prefer to shop in-store over online shopping only because it allows me to try on the clothing, shoes etc. and feel the actual quality of the item before I make the decision to purchase. I also go through a few stages while shopping to figure out if I really need the item or items in my wardrobe at all. I call these stages… “Life Decisions”.

Lets get into some of my favs below:

Urban Outfitters/Surplus– I am a sale rack queen. For the most part once I enter the store I usually head straight to the clearance to check out what new stuff has been added and also to see if something I have been keeping my eye on has been marked down. To me Urban Outfitters can be a little pricey when we’re talking regular price. That’s where the Urban Outfitters Surplus store here in Ventura is a store filled with all clearance items. It’s clearance heaven! The denim jeans pictured below are from the UO Surplus store and I snagged them for $6!!

Cape Robbin Metallic Heels

JCPenney– My love for JCP started back in college. They have carried some of  my favorite lines like Joe Fresh, Mango and Belle + Sky. All very fashion forward lines but with various changes with Presidents and CEOs within the company things have changed over the years but I still find great pieces. Im sold on their denim jeans from the brand A.N.A. They are the perfect fit if you have hips and a butt. Get you some!

Forever 21- I think Forever 21 gets a bad rep sometimes because of the quality and offerings of unique items but I use Forever as my “go to” for basic items and staple pieces. They always help me build up my wardrobe across the seasons. This is also another store that I am an avid Clearance rack shopper especially when there’s a percentage off! But I will say that Forever 21 is doing a good job of letting other brands do pop up installations online and in-store that help keep things fresh and edgy. Don’t sleep on Forever 21. My Frida tee is from Forever 21.

SheInside– This online retailer is the GOAT when it comes to Zara dupes. I know Zara is bad on prices all the time but there have been pieces that I LOVE but couldn’t see myself spending $70-$100 on it and who wants to wait weeks or months for the next Sale! I promise SheInside delivers on the look for less.

Nordstrom Rack(Online)- I’ll be honest, I never have any luck when I go into the actual Nordstrom Rack store. I always leave empty handed but online I find the most gems. My favorite brand to search and shop is Cape Robbin. The prices are LOW but there are various styles available. You should definitely add Nordstrom Rack ONLINE to your list of spot to check out every once in a while.

Amazon– I have Amazon Prime and I absolutely love it. Amazon is not just your one stop shop for tech and electronics you can also find a lot of cute clothing items you just have to be good at searching good key words to pull up the good stuff. You’re in luck I have curated a list of cute items that I like and recommend you add to your wardrobe. Check it out here !

There’s a new online store that I have been “window shopping” at for a few weeks now called Bershka I usually don’t share new sites that I come across until I actually place an order etc.

Details for outfit pictured:

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Urban Outfitters (Urban Renewal)

Shoes: Cape Robin

Bag: Derria’s Closet

Hat: Rue 21


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