What Would Derria Wear: Reflections

Can you believe there’s only 6 days left in the year 2017??

I feel like it was just yesterday I was trying to figure out how I would spend my NYE and countdown until the New Year.

Here we are again counting down the days until 2018 and I think it’s time for us to Reflect!

I’m a firm believer in reflecting over your year just to remind yourself how far you’ve come. It’s so important. Earlier this month I mentioned on insta- snap that I caught myself telling my friend that I hadn’t been anywhere this year as far as traveling which was a straight lie. I have traveled out of the country a total of three times among other domestic travels as well. But it is so easy to forget to reflect on those things.

Each year I make a vision board and I also write other goals that I have for my brand, health and wealth etc in a journal. This year I was able to cross off some major goals off of my vision board even things that had moved from my 2015 board to 2016 and on to 2017. Keep in mind just because you didn’t accomplish it something doesn’t mean you should cancel it out all together. Move it to next years goals and make it priority to accomplish it.

Accomplished Goals for 2017-

Attend NYFW:   I was invited to attended my first NYFW and was able to see several different shows. NYFW was a very dope experience. I was engulfed in fashion for three days and I was in heaven.

Move to LA:  Most of you know that this year I moved across the country to Los Angeles. Totally on faith because I had already spent months applying for jobs with no luck but I was able to secure a brand new apartment and transfer my job at the time to California. It took many fasts and praying to get the clarity I needed from God. Now I’m here, it will be 5 months this week that I have lived in LA and I believe it was the best decision that I have ever made in my life. Pretty heavy. So much more to accomplish and explore but just happy I made the huge jump to move away from the well known to learn and experience new things.

ANCE FREE!!: As most of you know and have seen I have been battling acne since I was a teenager. Earlier this year I found a dermatologist who dedicated himself to finding a cure for my acne. I went through 5 months of Accutane and now I don’t have any issue with Acne. This has been one of my goals for the last 10 years. Yes you read it right. 10 years. I was so fed up with my skin that I had to find something and after finding the perfect dermatologist we worked diligently to get my skin in TIP TOP SHAPE. I couldn’t be happier.

Travel More: As I mentioned I did do some traveling this year. The destinations included Cuba, Iceland and Jamaica. All of which I would like to visit again. Iceland was never on my list of destinations but after buying a cheap flight me and my good girlfriends took on the cold weather and had the best trip ever in the cold. Cuba was a very eye opening trip from the culture to the building architecture and the food. It was nothing like any of the other countries I’ve visited and I hope that I am afforded the opportunity to visit again.

Though these were huge accomplishments for me, there were a few goals that I didn’t achieve but I made it my business to turn that into a positive. It may not have happened this year but I am working towards it. It’s important to stay motivated and not discouraged when things don’t happen on your timetable. Somethings are out of our control and we have to accept it.


My motto for 2017 was to Accept, Adjust & Move Forward. When I stayed true to my motto the things that I was faced with were a little less daunting and I was relieved of the stress I was about to put on myself by worrying. It definitely easier said than done and a process that shouldn’t be rushed but should be done.

Advice for myself and you: stay true to who you are. Work hard and don’t let social media rush you or make you feel like you’re not doing enough. Celebrate the things you’ve accomplished, even if you think they are small.

*Photography by Noel Buffong x icaptureclouds

What are some goals you accomplished this year? What are you working on to accomplish in the new year? Let me know in the comments!

Dress: Tracee Ellis Ross x JCP

Sneakers: Nordstrom (similar)

Bag: Tisun Beauty (similar)

Sunglasses: Santee Alley



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