5 Tips on How to Shop Year Round on a Budget

Camo pants

I wish that I had better news to share with you all… like that I haven’t shopped at all since moving to across the country BUT I have! And I want to share some great tips on How to Shop Year Round on a budget!

Shopping is not only therapeutic for me, I just really enjoy doing it even if I am going in the mall simply to window shop.

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There is a method to my madness. I shop year round because I am more likely to find the best deals. Some tips to keep in mind while shopping year round will help you save more money overall and also keep you wardrobe fresh and up to date!

Tip #1:  Shop clearance racks first! There’s nothing wrong with buying regular price items every once in a while but the sale rack (no matter how cluttered and junky) is your best friend.  You can find all types of hidden gems that can keep your wardrobe edgy and current and sometimes ahead of the trends!

Camo Pants

Tip #2: Buy clothing from other seasons, don’t just shop for current season. Just because it Winter doesn’t mean you only have to shop for the Winter. This is actually the perfect time to shop for swimwear and Summer clothes. All of it is already marked down very low and will save you money come Spring when you’re planning vacations and just need a new Summer wardrobe. This goes for all seasons, Shop off season… it’s a frugal shopaholics way of life.

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Tip #3: Take note of Holidays recognized by retailers. If you happen to be out “shopping/window shopping” and find an item that you love but its either on sale, regular price or just too expensive. If there are more than 2-3 units your best bet is to wait until the holiday(s) to purchase the item(s). If you buy it full price, You could be cheating yourself out of 20%+ off.

Striped Bell Sleeve Sweater

Tip #4: If you have to buy it and its not on sale, make sure the return policy is flexible and allows you to get your money back and not a store credit.  If you haven’t heard already Forever 21 has updated their return policy. You can now return items within 30 days and get refund in the same form of payment that you paid, not a store credit.  I remember the days when I had to make life decisions in the store… do I really want this shirt?? But this applies when you see an item you want that theres only one and you know for sure at that moment you want it. It best to just buy it and sleep on it for a few days to see if its something you’d like to add to your wardrobe.  If not return it!

Tip #5: When shopping in-store and online, make sure to search online to see if the store has in-store or online coupons to use towards your purchase. Simple!

Check out outfit details below:

Top: Forever 21

Bottoms: JCPenney’s

Bag: Tj Maxx

Heels: Cape Robbin

Nails: Gloss Nail Spa- Los Angeles, CA

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