The Orange Sweater

If you haven’t noticed the Orange Sweater trend by now you have got to be sleep walking through this fashion life and you need to immediately get some Orange in your wardrobe.

More specifically an orange sweater to weather the colder temps that are making their mark around the country.

The color orange represents creativity, success and determination. Not only does it represent those characteristics, it also look great on. Without a doubt you’ll command any room you walk into. I have created three looks around the orange sweater trend to give you inspiration when it’s time to wear your own! Check them out below:

Orange Sweater

Layering: There’s nothing wrong with throwing your sweater on top of a jumpsuit or a dress to give the look more depth. Also perfect for cooler temperatures.

Sweater: Target

Jumpsuit: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Thigh High Boots

Shorts & Sweater Combo: There are times in the Fall and Winter when you’ll get a day or two of “warmer” weather or maybe you’re going out on the town with friends. Having on a thicker sweater and paring it with shorts is fine. The sweater kind of gives you a pass. Also paired with thigh high boots all of your “exposed” parts are covered.

Sweater: Target

Bottom: Vintage

Shoes: Cape Robbin

Pleated Skirt

Sweater & Pleated Skirt Combo: Pleated skirts have been on trend since last year. Perfectly paired with an oversized sweater and your choice of your comfy sneakers or single sole heels. You can create multiple looks with these few pieces.

Skirt: JCP

Sweater: Target

Shoes: Nike

The Orange sweater gives you that pop  of color you need in any look and will also keep you warm! Are you feeling this trend? Let me know in the comments!


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