Style Me Derria x Museum of Ice Cream Recap

If you’re in love with museums and have a sweet tooth… Then the Museum of Ice Cream is the right place for you.

First things first,  I was under the impression that there weren’t anymore Los Angeles tickets left. Once it was announced that there would be an exhibit in San Francisco, I put an alert on my phone to remind me to buy tickets. This turned into a two hour wait on release day but I was able to secure a 9 pm slot for this past weekend.

Getting a late slot was probably the best decision because it allowed us more time to take pictures and really learn more about Ice cream and its origination without being rushed. There were about 10 people in the 9 pm slot with us so it wasn’t to bad.

The walls were filled little known facts about ice cream and in every room we were given different types of sweets from Cotton candy to Ice cream dumplings. To say the least I felt like a big kid. I couldn’t wait to pose next to suckers, gummy bears and popsicles. We were literally crawled into a cubby hole to take pictures in the mirror room but it was all worth it. My favorite portion of the exhibit was the Sprinkle Pool. We were only allowed 1 minute in the pool because the museum was going to close in 30 mins but it was pretty dope. Check out photos from my experience below!


In order to secure your own tickets to the MOIC go to the site and sign up for promotional emails. They let you know the dates for upcoming ticket releases. This isn’t on of those releases that you can get on at any time and get tickets you have to be on the site like you’re getting Fenty Beauty or a new pair of Yeezys its that serious!

Have you gone to the MOIC yet? How was your experience? Comment below!



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