48 Hours in Buffalo

Even though I was raised the majority of my life in Charlotte, NC I was born and was raised in Buffalo, NY until I was 8 years old. My mom wanted to get away from the cold weather so she moved me and my brother down south! Best decision she ever made.

But to be quite honest I always miss Buffalo because all of my immediate family still lives there. My family, the food and the shopping keep Buffalo near and dear to my heart it’s my hometown.

My grandmothers birthday was last weekend and I haven’t been back home to Buffalo in a year and some change so when I shared the news with her she was soooo excited and knew that we would shop until we dropped!

As soon as I got off the plane we headed to the best Taco spot in town! ETS (Elmwood Taco & Subs) I grew up going here with my mom and now as an adult I eat there as well when I come to visit. Each and every time I get the spicy beef Taco Supreme. Fire! If you’re ever in Buffalo you should check it out!

We swung by a small shop called Pasteurized Tees where I got a tee shirt printed. It we pretty dope. It’s an upside down Buffalo with the Adidas stripe going through it! I can’t wait to wear it.


Next up was the mall! One of my favorites in Buffalo, The Walden Galleria Mall. It includes an HM, Forver 21, Urban Outfitters and other common retailers. I’ve done some of my best shopping in Buffalo so I was excited what this trip had to offer.

My grandma gifted me a Patricia Nash Tibetan Fur & Leather wristlet from Macy’s. To die for!


To my surprise I didn’t buy that much this trip! Which is always good for my bank account. But I did get to check out a restaurant that I fell in love with that is family owned and the food is delicious! Kostas! Me and my grandma grabbed a bite to eat on my last day in town and the breakfast was great!


 I did get to visit with both sets of my grandparents, aunt, my dad and little sister! See some family selfies below!






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