Derria Takes NYFW 2017


So I want to start this post off by saying I’m so thankful for the many blessings God has showered on me this year and we are only in our second month of the year. Amen.

So on to some more great news! Myself and my blog mate Christen received an email a few weeks ago inviting us to attend a fashion show at NYFW. Talk about excited! After about a day we decided we were definitely going even if it meant taking a day or two off work. Ever since then we’ve hit the ground running emailing other designers to get invites to their shows and lucked up on a few to attend through the weekend.

We aren’t sure how they even got our information but this has Gods name written all over it.

Packing for this trip has been somewhat similar to packing for my trip to Iceland. Trying to pack warm but with style/trends in mind can be difficult if you only want to bring a smaller carry-on. But I proved myself wrong and got everything in my bag! Whew!

I’ll be traveling to D.C. today to meet up with Christen and then we will be making our way to NYC early Friday morning. To keep up with me and my experience during NYFW follow me on Instagram and Snapchat!

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