My First Month in LA: Foodie Edition

I’m homesick y’all, and it just hit me today September 8th. It’s my first month in LA and I’m already homesick. What part of the game is this?

Let me start by thanking God that I was finally able to move into my apartment after waiting a month. Amen! I absolutely love my new apartment. The location is central to everything, I can get to a Target, Walmart, Tj Maxx or an Ikea with in 15-20 mins. Bingo!

Within my first month of living in LA, I was able to stay with a cousin in Laguna and really explore that whole area and all of its wonderful shopping. Outside of shopping I’m also a foodie! Laguna didn’t have the best food but I did come across one restaurant called The Melt. I would call them a “grilled cheese spot” that would be the simplest description of them.

I went twice and had two damn good sandwiches. One was called the “Mac Daddy” it had Mac and Cheese, smoked bacon and crispy onions. My second visit I got the “Steak and Cheese” their version of a Philly cheesesteak. Heaven in mouth!

The Melt

Once I moved into my place I was able to check out some new and old restaurants in my area. One old restaurant that I have already been to was Salsa and Beer. Probably one of my all time favorite Mexican restaurants so far. Best meal on the menu… The California Burrito. Succulent shrimp, steak and chicken. Definitely enough food to have leftovers for lunch the next day. If you’re ever in town make sure you check them out!

A new restaurant that I checked out was a Vegan restaurant called Doomie’s. They have Big Mac’s and Fried Chicken. I know its hard to believe its  Vegan but it is. Check out their menu and my meal below.

Fried Chicken, French Fries & Mac and Cheese


Shrimp Po-Boy


Last but not least, my favorite hot dog spot… Dog Haus! Some of the most tasty Hot Dogs and sausages I’ve ever had in my life. Below is the “Thai Fighter” You just have to check it out for yourself.

Dog Haus


On your next trip to Los Angeles you should definitely check out these delicious spots!



Jersey Sure!- Integrating Athletic Wear in your Wardrobe

I sure could use a vacation on the shore of somebody’s beach, but until then I’ll envision myself in a bikini with my jersey cover-up.

Better yet lets talk about how Athletic wear is making its way into the wardrobes of many. A few years back I was thrift shopping at my local Goodwill and saw a pair of baseball pants and two random football/basketball jerseys. I didn’t know what I would use them for just yet but I forecasted that they would eventually be a trend. I used the pants for a shoot about two years ago that I paired with a crop top and a vintage Letterman jacket.

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I am a huge fan of wide leg high waist pants. I originally purchased these pants from Target for work to put some variety in my work wardrobe but I quickly noticed that they could work for both work and play and paired with my ruffle denim top… its definitely play!

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In Living Color.

I was so excited that I was able to snag this skirt from the Victoria Beckham x Target collection for $17! Patience is the key! Because the line was very affordable to begin with, my frugal butt wanted it to be even cheaper because I am a Sale rack shopper… nothing wrong with that. So abut two weeks after the launch, Target marked the line down and then they marked it down again a week later. It’s like they want it out the store. So guess what?? Im helping them. I also snagged two other skirts that I can maneuver for work and play.

Adam’s Family.

I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color. There’s never a wrong time to wear all black in my book. Even in 90 degree weather you’ll attract heat but you’ll look damn good doing it. My brother said this look had Adams’s family vibes and I instantly felt that vibe and wanted to serve the attitude to go with it.

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Victoria Beckham x Target

Let me start off by saying I’ve LOVED Victoria Beckham since Spring Girls and I am waiting for the Spice Girls reunion. They all look great for their age but that besides the point. Have you heard?? Victoria Beckham x Target is happening and will be hitting the streets this weekend… Sunday to be exact and after looking at the lookbook I already know what I am rushing to the store to purchase.

What I am most excited about is that it is very affordable. The collection range from $6-$70 but the vast majority of the items are under $40. Right in my frugal range. It comes in Women’s and Girls sizes and will only be available from April 9th until April 30th. Check out the Lookbook for Sunday’s release.  The looks I plan on snagging are below!


What will you be buying??? Let me know in the comments!



70s Flare.


Going to start this post off talking about this bag I searched high and low for after leaving it in my cart and it disappearing after two weeks of trying to wait it out and get a discount on it. Mind you this beautiful market bag only ran me a smooth $35. Which isn’t bad at all for Target but I thank WhoWhatWear for the low prices!

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The Format.


More Men’s wear in my closet in 2017! I’m not afraid to go to the Men’s section in any store just to see what hidden gems I can find. The shirt I’m wearing is from the HM men’s department in an XS so it fits just like it would in the women’s section.  Continue reading “The Format.”

Admit One: Band Tee Style Series Part Two


You’d never believe me if i told you that I’ve been sitting on the items worn in this post for a few months now… but its the honest truth. I have a habit of buying really cute items and waiting sometimes weeks and months for the right time to wear or blog it. First things first you need at least one pair of thigh high boots in your wardrobe, you can wear them any season just about. Grab a open-toe pair for the Summer and a closed toe pair for the Fall/Winter months. I randomly snagged mine from Windsor online late this summer for really reasonable price. Continue reading “Admit One: Band Tee Style Series Part Two”