What Would Derria Wear: Reflections

Can you believe there’s only 6 days left in the year 2017??

I feel like it was just yesterday I was trying to figure out how I would spend my NYE and countdown until the New Year.

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The last few weeks have been such…. they’ve been up and down for me. I have been fasting from sweets, red meat and pork since June 1st. Whew just know.. Sweets are my kryptonite. I love cup cakes, gummy bears, doughnuts… you name it. So you know its been tough. But through all of that God provided me with the clarity I needed on a few situations that had been lingering and I’m grateful. Mini Full disclosure moment… but on to the clothing!

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I’ve talked a lot on my Snapchat about how disappointed I was with the selection the past two years at HM. I will admit the last few months thing have gotten better. Instead of only seeing zilch, I have seen a few pieces that I have incorporated into my current wardrobe.

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There are times when I really just want to be comfy and cute at the same time and this was one of those times. You’ll probably see me in this look while traveling or just out shopping on a cooler day if it will ever get cold anytime soon. I snagged this cute one piece off Urban Outfitters clearance online. My all time favorite faux leather jacket from the Target x Who What Wear Collection was the final touch.

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What’s the TREND: Fringe Shoe Accessories

One of my favorite Style Crushes Christa @Chrisadorvegaaa on IG introduced me to the Fringe Shoe Accessory trend back in February and I was so in love! She purchased hers from Marni.com but by the time I ran to the site they were all gone. Ever since I’ve been looking for the look.. for less in a sense because I’m not totally sure I would want to spend Marni money. I came across an online retailer of some very similar Fringe Shoe Accessories and found some of the coolest prints and even fur Fringe for your shoes or

sneakers. The website is Pinned by K. They sell sneakers, shoe accessories and socks. The Shoe Fringe ranges from $17 to $40 and come in just about every color!

Pinned By K is also having a huge sale and below are a few that I loved!

Snake Pink Fringe $23


Neon Yellow Fringe $23


Jeans Fringe $23