Edgy. Versatile. Spot on. That’s what clients have to say about the unique wardrobe creations from Derria. A 4-time published stylist, she has been using her keen eye for fashion to help shape and recreate wardrobes since 2012, establishing herself as a key influencer in the fashion industry. A well-known blogger on wardrobe-styling that ignites your soul, Derria offers consultation on wardrobe reconstruction, personal shopping experiences, and photoshoot/event styling that not only sells, but brings the atmosphere to life. Born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Charlotte, NC, Derria has wide-array of influence that helps her understand her client’s vision, and translate it into a remarkable fashion statement.

Upgrade to a wardrobe that speaks to the heart of who you are, and turns heads everywhere you go, with a stylist who takes the time to understand who you are, what you care about, and what you desire to see when you look into the mirror.