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What Would Derria Wear: Wrapped in Alaiyo

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Waist beads have been apart of my life for years now and it all started with a strand that my linesister gifted me. I loved the way they looked on me and I always talked about adding more to create a collection. Attending events like Head Wraps here in LA, I came across a vendor that sold waist beads so I bought two more strands making my waist beads total three!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Jasai, owner of Alaiyo Waist Beads. Jasai created a personalized and intimate experience for me. All of the other times that I have purchased strands of waist beads it was just me reading about the meanings for each color and getting wrapped. This time was definitely different and memorable. Jasai greeted me with such great energy and we sat and talked about my past experiences, my goals and things that I was struggling with. She educated me on the colors of strands that really spoke to what I had mentioned in our conversation and she let me choose.

With Jasai’s guidance I chose a balancing strand that included a few different colors including: Orange, green, yellow, blue and white called “By The Seashore”. A brief description of the colors and their healing properties below:

Blue: Expression/life speak

Yellow: Personal Power source

Orange: Create/ Conjugate

Green: Connection/ Growth

More in depth description of the colors available here!

Alaiyo Waist Beads

Alaiyo Waist Beads

Alaiyo Waist Beads

Some may think that waist beads are just beads on a string that you never take off but I believe in the healing properties of the waist beads and this go round I wanted to have a totally different experience. So Jasai wrapped the beads around my waist above the naval so that this particular strand would help aid me as I start my journey of eating better and working out to lose weight in the stomach and waist area.

Alaiyo Waist Beads

Wrapping the beads above the naval will quickly let me know when to put my fork down as soon as they start to hug me tighter than a family member I haven’t seen in years. I am very interested to see how my journey will be. I’ll just say that after 3 days my beads are pretty tight, and I am way more conscious about the things I’m consuming on a daily basis.

Jasai made me feel comfortable enough to share about my journey to LA and how I fasted and prayed to get guidance on my move. She gifted me a book that she had written called Fast Girls- Fasting: An Ancient Practice for the Modern Girl. That definitely put a nice final touch to such a great experience.

The New Fast Girls: Fasting: An Ancient Practice For the Modern Girl


If you live in the LA area, the Alaiyo in-person experience is a must. But if you aren’t in the area you can also purchase from Alaiyo online and don’t forget to check out the color guide so that you know what colors to grab! I highly recommend the Alaiyo experience and brand.

If you wear waist beads let me know the purpose for wearing them and your experience in the comments.




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