What Would Derria Wear: Mixed Signals

In life we’ve all dealt with getting or giving mixed signals and it’s not a good place to be. I’ve opted for mixed prints instead!

Although most people aren’t comfortable with mixing prints, I understand why. It could go wrong really quickly but it also could be a work of art if you do it right. But always remember whatever threads you put on you want to be confident in them because it shows.

In this look, I mixed horizontal and vertical stripes along with snake skin. I kept it simple by keeping it all black and white so the prints weren’t as “IN YOUR FACE” as they could be if I had worn stripes and leopard.

There are a few keys to mixing prints:

Break up your prints!– accessories and jackets can definitely help break up prints that you are wearing. For example, if you wore a snakeskin top and striped pants. You could break it up by wearing a belt.

Wear same prints but different sizes– I mentioned the horizontal and vertical stripes that I was wearing in this post but I’m sure you noticed that they were different size stripes. This is an easier way to maneuver mixing prints as well.

Incorporate Neutral Colors-  The best colors to incorporate are black, white and nude they will help offset the prints and/or tone it down your whole look. You could even incorporate denim.

Check out more outfit details below!

Striped Who What Wear Skirt

Off The Shoulder Bodysuit

Snakeskin Booties

Fringe Leather Purse

Striped Who What Wear Skirt

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Target

Shoes: Windsor (Poshmark Size:6)

Bag: HM

Sunglasses: Santee Alley



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