Edges on Freak!

If you haven’t noticed after my big move to California, I have been moving non-stop. There’s only been about one or two weekends since August that I didn’t have anything to do. Imagine that!

Being on the go it’s important to me that my hair is on point at all times. Lustrious curls and of course  my edges  staying in place. I’ve tried my hand at finding the perfect edge control many times only to be disappointed.

No flakes or white residue  is always my goal but most edge control products I have used in the past have had these issues.

Edge Freak was my savior in this regard. Number one it smells great and once applied my edges are laid ALL day! And when I say all day I mean all day! It also doesn’t leave that weird residue on my painted nails which can be so annoying.

My search for the perfect edge control has ended. Edge Freak is it! Make sure you head on over to Private Label Extensions purchase your own jar of Edge Freak today and to check out other products they have to offer!



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