What Would Derria Wear: Cocktails with Derria

1985 Crop Top

Oriental Skirt

One fun fact about me is that my favorite cocktail is a Moscow Mule and I don’t drink them enough. Especially throughout the week when I get home from work and want to whine down.

The best way for me to relax and peel away from the worries of the world is to drink my favorite drink and online “Window” shop.

There’s nothing like filling up a cart at your favorite online store and then buying like one thing or maybe even nothing. Either way it’s a win to me! I can remember it like it was yesterday, the sneakers that I am wearing in this outfit post were from one of those times I was just online window shopping and ended up buying something. But it made for a damn good look! Check out more outfit details below!

Top: HM

Bottom: Forever 21

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Thrifted Online

Sunglasses: Santee Alley


Photos and edits by Noel Buffong x @icaptureclouds





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