Derria Goes to McDowell’s

If you don’t know what McDowell’s is then you’re either too young or you need to make your way and watch Coming to America!

Early last week multiple sources reported  that Fat Sal’s in Hollywood would be dressing up as McDowell’s from the 1988 Classic Coming to America for halloween. Exciting!

For TWO days, the interior and exterior were transformed into parts of the McDowell restaurant and featured a few menu items including the “Big Mick”, the  “Sexual Chocolate” Shake and the “Zamunda” Fries.

I was able to swing by on my lunch break and waited in line for quite some time but it was definitely worth the wait. There were tons of “Special Guests” dressed up as Coming to America characters and I even had the opportunity to meet Shari Headley, the REAL Lisa McDowell! Talk about exciting. Once I finally made it to the front of the line I ordered a Sexual Chocolate shake and Zamunda fries, both were damn delicious.

Experiences like these remind me of why I moved to LA. I definiteky appreciate Fat Sal’s hosting such a dope Pop Up! Check out more photos from my lit lunch break!


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    1. It had a straw through it holding it up but it was so heavy I had to get a box for it. But the shake itself was sooooo good!

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