What Would Derria Wear: Spread Love

Graphic Tee

Speak faith, Speak hope and Speak love. I’ve come to learn that the key to staying uplifted is speaking positivity over your life and the lives of others.

Its easy to look at the accomplishments of others and feel like your not doing or haven’t accomplished enough but I promise you that  you are doing just what God has created you to do and on his time things will make sense and will fall into place just as they should.

The best way to stay out of your own head and move forward in the right direction is to speak life to yourself and to others. Some of my favorite words of affirmation that I try to use daily are: “Good things are going to happen to me” “Blessings and opportunities are chasing me down” They put me in the right head space when I start thinking about all the things I want to do but haven’t done yet or when I am working towards a goal and it hasn’t panned out yet. I’m reminded that all things are possible if I change my thought process and change negative thoughts to positive thoughts as soon as they surface.

It also important to speak life over friends and family, especially if they are struggling with having positive thoughts or attitudes you must do you best to keep them uplifted. Its also important to note that not everyone will receive it. Some folks are just negative and don’t believe things will get better. We know this isn’t true so all you can do is pray for them.

My top is from Forever 21, I knew it was perfect for this look because of the message. Our words are powerful and we have to be mindful of what we say to and about others an ourselves. Paired with this Gold Metallic Ruffle Skirt from Shop Born Trendy just set the whole look off. I got so many compliments as I walked the streets of LA taking photos. Make sure you check out Shop Born Trendy it’s one of my favorite boutiques here in LA and has very unique and affordable prices. My bow handbag from Zara is probably one of those bags that Ill try and wear for months because it’s so stinking cute. NEVER sleep on Zara!

Berets have never left the fashion scene in my opinion and I’m happy about my faux leather one that I recently purchased from Forever 21. It gives me sista soulja/ black panther vibes. Check out more outfit details below!


Photography & edits: Noel Buffong x @icaptureclouds

Gold Metallic Skirt

Graphic Tee

Speak Love Graphic Tee

Zara Red Bow Handbag

Zara Red Bow Handbag

Red Adidas Originals

Gold Metallic Skirt

Gold Metallic Skirt

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Shop Born Trendy

Shoes: Adidas

Bag: Zara

Hat: Forever 21




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