What Would Derria Wear: Caution

Caution Belt

It’s no secret that I proceed with Caution when it comes to purchasing anything full price or anything that is well over my frugal budget.

But I keep my ear to the streets and I’m also always on the hunt for looks for less. I’m not interested in knock offs in no sense of the matter but sometimes you want the look minus the name brand because maybe you don’t think you’ll wear item enough or just don’t want or have the $500+ to drop on whatever it is. There are always opportunities to find genuine designer items at local thrift and consignment shops but there are tons of online retailers who diligently create inspired items and I can dig it.

I say all this to say, the belt that I’m wearing in the photos is an Off-white inspired belt. Cost me about $10 or $12 dollars at Forever 21 and initially I didn’t know how I wanted to style it but I just knew I had to buy it for when that time would come. Styled with quilted pants from Shop Mariklo I knew this was the perfect time to use the belt. Let’s get into the quilted pants though. They are perfect for the cooler weather this fall and winter really. Super comfy. YOU NEED TO ORDER THEM LIKE YESTERDAY. I’m also pretty excited about my patent booties from Shop Mariklo as well. Just know i’ll be wearing these all Winter and Fall. Both the top and bodysuit are from Forever 21. Check out more outfit details below:

Top: Forever 21 (similar)

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Pants: Shop Mariklo

Shoes: Shop Mariklo

Sunglasses: Santee Alley



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