What Would Derria Wear: Thriving

Denim Skirt

Are you living your best life each and everyday? Are you thriving? or just surviving?

If anyone knows I know that its easy to let social media have you thinking that you aren’t doing enough or that you’ll never reach the success that you want for yourself quick enough. As many memes have stated, “Don’t let social media rush you”. It’s a real issue among us and I want us all to go at the pace that works for us.

At one point I thought I didn’t post enough of what I was doing but it’s important to note that your page is your page and when you post it should be based solely on what you want to show the world not just posting to for the sake of it if that makes sense. Sometimes I don’t post for days but that’s because I didn’t do anything those days.

Social media is my business and it’s how I promote my brand so I have to post consistently but sometimes it can be too much so its good to take little breaks if you need to, to check out and breath.

I use these check outs moments to accurately plan blog posts, shoots and handle anything that I have been putting off. I love my followers and readers so I want to consistently have outfit posts and posts about my LA journey. Below are photos from my 3rd photoshoot here in LA.

My blogger friend and Super mom Traci just opened her new online boutique called Shop Mariklo. Her shop is filled with FIRE items that are unique and good quality. My patchwork denim tie skirt is from Shop Mariklo and I absolutely love it. Fits true to size and I can style it so many different ways. This time I styled it with my Thriving T-shirt from Urban Outfitters. Im thriving each day, learning and trying new things is critical to grow in life.

Even though I have tons of shoes, staple shoes are great to have as well. My off-white high top Converse sneakers are my go-to option. I can wear them with anything. Last but not least my Who What Wear Target bag. It’s no secret that I love just about everything in their collection but this bag is my all time favorite item from the collection. It can be worn as a cross body back and a regular handbag.  Check out more outfit details below:


Top: Urban Outfitters

Skirt: Shop Mariklo

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Target x Who What Wear

Sunglasses: Derria’s Closet



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