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Style Me Derria x LA: #HeadwrapsInThePark & #IntuitionLA

My ultimate goal while living in LA is to take my brand to another level and really become a household name. I know that’s an old school saying but think about the brands that are well known that you parents grew up knowing because of their excellent customer service or quality products. I want the same for my brand.

My weekend was jam packed with events. There’s one thing I know for sure, I’ll never get bored living in LA.

Head Wraps In The Park

After being tagged in an instagram post looking for blogger ambassadors for the event, I knew for sure this would be the right fit. Head Wraps In The Park is an annual family oriented event that allows you to fellowship, shop and learn. The event hosts tons of vendors, food trucks, music and an overall good time.

Right after a 6 am hair appointment, I had to get ready for a day in the sun at Head Wraps In The Park. I knew ahead of time that I wanted to get my head wrapped and I also couldn’t wait to check out all the great vendors that would be in attendance. After meeting with HWITP Rep Darrien, the first thing I did was get pick a head wrap and then get myself wrapped.  Such a great experience, I was my very first time and I wanted her to have the freedom to customize my wrap and do they style she thought fit me the best. The process took all of 3-4 mins and I absolutely loved it. I didn’t even want to take it down at the end of the day.

Head Wraps In The Park

With there being so many vendors I knew I wanted to check them all out to see what items or services they had to offer. Some really cool vendors that stood out to me was a young man who had his own company called “That Dude Accessories” selling printed socks. I was so impressed and was so happy to see such a young entreprenuer that I absolutely had to support him and buy a pair of socks!

My second favorite vendor was the Waist Beads vendor. I wanted more waist beads but I just didn’t know anyone local in Charlotte but now that I am in the land of creatives the opportunities are endless. With that being said, I purchased two new strands so exciting. I did come across a vintage vendor that had some pretty unique pieces. I will be visiting the store in the near future.

My overall experience at Head Wraps In The Park was phenomenal. I was about to hang with old & new friends and making new connections as well. Also being able to support other black owned businesses means a lot to me. I am even more excited to be apart of the event next year if I am afforded the opportunity.

IntuitionLA is a retail brand that was created in 2016 by Alexandria Greenwood. I was introduced to the chic brand on Instagram when following other LA bloggers before relocating here. I’ve always loved her items because they were unique and fashion forward.

Fast forward a few months to the the IntuitionLA Grand Opening. IT WAS LIT. Right when I walked into the entrance of the mall, I could hear music and I knew for sure there was a DJ on the ones and twos. The store front and overall atmosphere is very inviting and clean. I was also able to meet the ever so fashionable Alex! I was also gifted a blogger gift bag filled with tons of goodies, including one of the stores staple candles. Let me just say this, you need one if not more in your house they smell SO GOOD!

The best way for me to describe the pieces at Intuition would be Street Style Chic, right up my alley! If you aren’t in the LA area make sure you check out online to shop!

Stay tuned for more weekend recaps!




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