What Would Derria Wear: Comfy California

Palm Trees

You ever stopped and thought… “Wow, I prayed for this. It’s here.   It’s happening.”

Time to get Comfy and make California  Home. As I mentioned in my previous post It’s been a little over a month of me being a west coast resident. Feels weird saying it especially because this time last year I was working my way up the Corporate HR ladder with no clear date of when I wanted to move just knew I wanted to get here eventually.

No clue what God has planned for my life here in LA I’m just getting comfortable in my new place, networking my butt off making the right connections. So that when it’s time to do this blogging and styling thing full time I will have already laid the groundwork for my brand. Faith without works is DEAD, remember that.

I’ve said this before but the Palm Trees in LA… Top most favorite thing about the west coast. The Tall ones for sure. Im no stranger to palm trees as I’ve been to FL many times over but these are different. The background of this shoot was FIRE gotta thank my photogrpaher Noel for the suggestion!

Speaking of Comfort, let’s get into this look. I have been waiting to wear this cute nipple piercing crop Top from SheInside for a few months now. I knew I wanted it to be apart of a outfit post. Is it a reflection of my own breasts the world would never know! Lol

I eyed these wide leg sweat pants from Urban Outiftters for months. I couldn’t bring myself to Pay $70 and just my luck I found them in my local Urban Outfitters here on sale for $30 and got an additional 30% off. Frugal Shopaholic!

I’m a HUGE platform fan! Especially because I’m only 5’3” I need an extra lift lol. I snagged these cute black and white striped platform sandals from TJ Maxx for $15, another steal! My cowhide Clutch is from TJ Maxx as well I spent a good $50 on it but it was definitely worth it seeing as though it’ll last forever.

Shades are from Derria’s Closet of course!

Check out the full look below! Click links to purchase!

Nipple Ring Crop Top

Flare Sweat Pants

Flare Sweat Pants

Nipple ring tee

Palm Tree

Nipple Ring Tee

Cow Hide Clutch

Oversized Sunglasses

Rocket Dog Platform Sandal

All photos taken and retouched by Noel Buffong x @icaptureclouds

Top: Missguided

Bottoms: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: TJ Maxx (DSW-Multicolor) (Shoe Mall)

Bag: TJ Maxx

Glasses: Derria’s Closet



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