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Welcome to LA

The phrase Welcome To LA has been one of those phrases not only used by folks I’ve encountered over the last 9 days but a phrase that Ive used towards myself after encountering some setbacks the last few days.

Let’s talk about the setbacks for a second… My brand new apartment has yet to be approved by the city and my move in date has changed 3 times. I also had an interview for a position with a company I really wanted be put on hold for another month. Talk about being in limbo. All I can say to myself is Welcome to LA.

I’m not blaming my setbacks on LA but I think the things I’m going through are definitely making me stronger and building up my faith. God is truly putting my patience and faith to the test with this move. I know that he didn’t get me all the way here to send my butt back to NC but those thoughts never crossed my mind. I am too much of a hustler and a mover and shaker to let that even happen.

On to more positive things, I have family and friends who keep me lifted up when I’m going through those rough moments and I really appreciate it.  My first  weekend in LA was great. I shipped my car and it actually beat me to LA so as soon as I left the airport I went to meet my baby. Then I made my way to meet up with my friend Melissa and we took our butts straight to Santa Monica Beach. Talk about beach babes! Who goes from the Airport to the beach? Derria! We had such a great day, eating burgers and flicking it up for the gram! But you better believe we had an early night just like some old heads.

The bulk of my first first two weeks have allowed me time to really explore different parts of California. I am staying with a family member in Orange County and you’ll never believe me or maybe you will but I have gone to at least 6 or 7 malls since being here. I went from not having a Zara in NC to having Zara’s all over so you know I’m a happy camper! I’ve bought some really cute pieces too that I wanted to share because of course they were for the L-O! Check them out below!

Zara Long Denim Jacket

Zara $30

Platform Vans

Vans $65


Ecote Two Piece Set

Urban Outfitters $30





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