No Thanks!

Im back! I took a brief hiatus. Its such a struggle working full time and having a passion for other things outside of work. If you have a business or a blog I know you feel where I am coming from.  But I’m not complaining whatsoever, because I love being busy. If I’m not at work then I am shopping for myself or my clients which keeps life interesting.

But there are times where I have had to turn down gigs because they aren’t the right fit for me or my brand and that’s perfectly fine. Y’all… *in my most country accent* it’s okay to say “No!” not in a rude way but like every opportunity is not for you or sometimes its not in your best interest. Some opportunities can put you in a bind. There have been times where I was approached about styling a shoot and after hearing all the logistics I knew that it wasn’t for me, so I said no and I didn’t feel bad about it. We all have to get to a place where we can say no and keep it moving without explaining ourselves. Trust me I’ve been there saying yes to everything and regretting it later. Say it with me… “No thanks!”

This leads me to my look. That I absolutely love. I’ve been sitting on this post for like a week now but my look minus the sneakers is well under $50. My bag is from Forever 21, I also have the black version of this. Its currently sold out, but Target has some ring handle bags as well if you want to add one to your wardrobe! Let’s just talk about how I had been waiting a few months for my Comme Des Garcon Converse sneakers to be restocked. Sheesh. I felt like a fiend checking Nordstrom every week to see if they had my size, finally it happened they restocked and I didn’t hesitate one bit. They are so comfy. More comfortable than the average Converse sneaker which hell… they better be for $120! lol But I love them.

Next up is my top. Straight off the sale rack at Forever 21. I wanted this shirt when it was full price but when I saw it on the sale rack and it was an additional 50% off I knew for a fact that the $4 shirt was going home with me.  If you didn’t know by now… Gingham is in, and you need to have a dress, skirt a shirt something thats Gingham print. My shorts, of course I got for a steal. $10! I want to style these shorts again with another color gingham top. Last but not least, my sunglasses are from Buffalo exchange. Check out my outfit details below!


Top:  Forever 21

Bottoms: Marshall’s

Bag: Forever 21 (Similar)

Shoes: Nordstrom

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange





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