It’s 12 am Wednesday morning… and I’m drawing a blank. Have you ever just felt so drained by everything? With work, blogging and keeping up with loved ones, I feel like I’m 5 different women and they are all tired.

But on to the details of my look and the reason for such a title. My glasses! One of my favorite spots to sell clothes in Charlotte is Buffalo Exchange. They are such a cute and quaint spot that buys and sells clothing and accessories for men and women. I love them because all of their items are so unique and the price is always right. Im able to sell my clothes make money and buy items that I find with store credit and take the rest of the cash. Yes this is similar to Uptown Cheapskate and Platos but I have only had positive experiences at BE. Each time I come in to sell clothing they thank me for bringing in such great items! I’m a sucker for great customer service! But all in all, that is where I purchased my glasses. They were only $9.50 but basically free because I used store credit from selling clothes. Not bad!

I’ve had the glasses for a solid month but didn’t know what I would wear them with and when putting this look together in my head it just all worked out. My bodysuit was one of those luck moments for me. I first saw it online from Forever 21 and knew I had to have it so I planned on ordering it and having it shipped to the store. But while out shopping this weekend I saw it in store! Saved me time! Always check in-store before ordering online. No one likes paying for shipping!

My skirt is from HM and is apart of one of the biggest trends this season. The Paperbag Waist! and it was only $35! A steal for HM especially if you want their more quality brand. my bag is from a random store in LA called FashionQ. I LOVE THAT STORE! Their jeans fit me so well and they have the best basics and bodysuits, etc. If you have one in your town definitely check them out because they are a frugal fashion option.

Last but not least, my heels! Last week I mention on my IG that Cape Robbin is one of my favorite brands out right now because they have the best Looks for Less of some designer faves. I actually snagged this particular pair off for Under $40. The top spots that I have purchased Cape Robbin is and They have the lowest prices and for the most part they are always on sale. For links and more details on my look see below:

Top: Forever 21

Bottom: HM (similar)

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Bag: FashionQ

Sunglasses: Buffalo Exchange




Derria Underwood

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