Backstage Pass.

My goal this summer is to attend a few concerts. I have not been to a concert since maybe 2011-2012. I saw my auntie Erykah Badu in Greensboro during GHOE. Great show, but that was so long ago.

This look is inspired by bands and concerts. My good friend Maegan and I joked about a hashtag she made up for me #WhatWouldDerriaWear and I honestly want to integrate it into my business and blog. This look is definitely something Derria would wear to a concert or really any entertainment event.

My Tee is from Forever 21. I enjoy buying Band Tees from Forever 21 because they are so affordable. Usually under $25, most of the time only $17… which is right up my alley. Of course I could try and find a random band tee at a local thrift store and tie dye it myself but that takes a lot of legwork. Been there, done that. Bought a T-shirt don’t want to wear it anymore. Though DIY Projects are cool and I love them I’m looking for convenience in my wardrobe right now. You’ve seen my bag before its from Forever 21 also. Under $25!

The highlight of this look for me is my skirt. I saw it in-store at HM but they didn’t have my size. It runs small and just my luck Charlotte has 4 HMs and I was able to find my size and get 20% Off. Mind you it was only $35, but I don’t ever pay full price if I dont have to. You should know that about me by now. ¬†Last but not least, my denim mule sandals. Shoe Trend in Charlotte always gets me right with Looks for Less and my favorite frugal brand Cape Robbin. My shoes were only $25. My look was under well under $100. Check out my outfit details below!

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: HM

Shoes: Shoe Trend

Bag: Forever 21


P.S. If you want 20% Off your purchase in-store at HM, text your email address to 707-03!






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