Cuba Fits

It’s been two weeks since my Cuba trip and I’m finally feeling normal again. Packing for me can be fun but hectic depending on the destination.

I was very happy about traveling to Cuba and had been shopping for well over a month for looks that would give me Cuba vibes. Tons of ruffles and off the shoulder tops was what I was going for and I think I did a good job. If you will be traveling to Cuba soon, its important that you bring comfortable footwear. We did a lot of walking and each day I would have aching feet. I should’ve brought some sneakers that I didn’t care would get a little dusty and dirty and I would have been on track. But of course Im a stylist so I had to go the cute and fashionable route to make sure my pictures were A1!  One thing I wish I couldve done before hand was bring another suitcase of clothes to leave behind. We had a few young women ask us if we had anything, and clothes to leave them. Which is heartbreaking. I did leave a few items I knew I wouldn’t wear again but if we hadn’t flown with HORRIBLE SPIRIT AIRLINES I would’ve been able to bring more. But I would plan ahead if this is something you’d like to do on your trip.  Check out my looks from Cuba below!

Top: Amazon

Bottom: Tj Maxx

Bag: Target

Sandals: DSW

Top: Forever 21

Bodysuit: Rainbow

Bottom: Adidas Sale; Six02

Sandals: Forever 21

Top: Random Store in Carolina Place Mall

Bottom: Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21

Sandals: Forever 21






P.S. If you’d like to read about our experience in Cuba head to Frugal Shopaholics !

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