No Athlete, Just Athleisure.

Back from Cuba and it’s time to get back to blogging regularly. I will say I’m still trying to catch up on sleep/rest. Traveling can be very tiring.

For the sake of travel, it’s always my goal to travel and be comfortable but stylish at the same time…. this is the same for the gym. All of my gym clothes are cute and match for the most part. But there are times that I just want to wear my gym clothes even though I’m not going to the gym and I’m okay with that. In the fashion world the popular term for it is “Athleisure”. Casual, comfortable clothing designed for both exercise and everyday wear.

This look reflects that. I’ll wear whatever looks good on me and is comfortable whether it be going to the mall, the post office or just to hang out with friends.

I scoped out my shorts at HM while shopping for a client and I knew they would be perfect for my Athleisure wardrobe. Very breathable and the waist band reads Eighties Crew! My top is just a vintage sweatshirt from the thrift store that my brother gave me that I absolutely love and fits me perfectly.

My bag is from Nordstrom. It’s my favorite travel bag because it can go from a purse to a book bag in mins! So you’ll always see me with it if I’m about to travel out of the country because it doesn’t take up much room. The Fjallraven Kanken book bags are sold in many different colors and I’ve found it cheaper to buy at retailers like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters.

Prestos… I’ve talked about them in past posts but they are the most comfortable sneakers in my wardrobe and I think I have enough colors now but you never know with me I may see a pair I can’t resist. If you follow my insta-snap you’ve seen me get some pretty cool sneakers from my local Marshall’s for well under $60. But for the most part I get all my sneakers from either
Or the Nike Outlet.

The highlight of my Athleisure look is my fishnet biker shorts! Who’s idea? No clue but I’m here for it. It adds an edgy touch to my look and I’ll be wearing them a few times this summer with other looks!

For more details on where I snagged these items check below!

Top: Value Village
Bottoms: HM
Fishnets: Urban Outfitters
Sneakers: Nordstrom
Bag:Urban Outfitters



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