Pinky’s Pt 2

Pink is not my favorite color whatsoever. But it seems like this year I’ve turned a new leaf and introduced more and more pink into my wardrobe. I guess that’s exciting considering the fact that the items are dope or just serve as a foundation in wardrobe.

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I’ve talked a lot on my Snapchat about how disappointed I was with the selection the past two years at HM. I will admit the last few months thing have gotten better. Instead of only seeing zilch, I have seen a few pieces that I have incorporated into my current wardrobe.

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Memoirs of a Geshia


I really enjoy taking blog photos and I’m always distraught when my brother can’t be my photographer and I don’t have a backup. This past weekend wasn’t one of those times, I am back in action!

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Marni Senofonte x Barbie Collection


This is the second time within the last month that I have been amazed by the advancement of Barbie and where it is today in respect to fashion and awareness.

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So sad I wasn’t able to do blog photos this past weekend but I still had one look in the chamber for y’all so I had to pull it out! Now you may remember this Tulle nude dress from my NYFW look. You can do so much with these tulle pieces I suggest you make your way to your nearest F21.

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Victoria Beckham x Target

Let me start off by saying I’ve LOVED Victoria Beckham since Spring Girls and I am waiting for the Spice Girls reunion. They all look great for their age but that besides the point. Have you heard?? Victoria Beckham x Target is happening and will be hitting the streets this weekend… Sunday to be exact and after looking at the lookbook I already know what I am rushing to the store to purchase.

What I am most excited about is that it is very affordable. The collection range from $6-$70 but the vast majority of the items are under $40. Right in my frugal range. It comes in Women’s and Girls sizes and will only be available from April 9th until April 30th. Check out the Lookbook for Sunday’s release.  The looks I plan on snagging are below!


What will you be buying??? Let me know in the comments!





After attending a Grand Opening of a local Boutique here in Charlotte, I came across a beautiful embroidered maxi dress that was to die for!!! But it was wayyyy out of my budget… $120 worth. I knew after looking at the tag that I couldn’t afford it. Every since then I have been on the hunt for a similar dress.

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Thank You, Come again.


Thank You, Come again! This look was based around one of my favorite bags. My Chinese takeout bag that I searched high and low for about 4-5 years ago. I pride myself on being a person that can find just about anything with only seeing a picture of it, but I will say that this one really gave me a run for my money.

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