Most 80s babies remember the film B.A.Ps and I’m pretty sure it’s on your list of your favorites and I can’t blame you because it’s definitely one of my own. Not to mention all the ghetto fabulous wardrobe that Halle Berry wore it was Clatchet (Classy & Ratchet) lol. This look was inspired by B.A.Ps with a twist of Derria added to it.

My bodysuit which I’m so happy I found over the weekend as I was leaving the Forever21 was the key to this look and it was only $12! My chain belt… real nostalgic is also from Forever21 but I purchased it online. The majority of my look is from Forever21 which rarely happens but I’m okay with it as long as the look is fire! Also just FYI you can now order online through Forever 21 and have your order shipped to the closest store for FREE! Check it out best new thing next to their new return policy!

My high shine patent pants are from Zara I snagged these when they had that huge sale a couple months back. Don’t sleep on Zara sales! My mule pumps are Steve Madden but I got them from Ross for $30. I’m gonna keep telling you guys this, don’t discriminate there’s way to many stores out here to have a closed mind about stores like Rainbow or Ross they have hidden gems. Check out my outfit details below!









Bodysuit: Forever21

Pants: Zara

Belt: Forever21

Bag: Forever21

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden (purchased at Ross)





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