Let me just start off by saying pink isn’t my favorite color at all.  But being into fashion has helped me warm up to having pink in my wardrobe at all because if I see an item I like and it’s only in pink I’ll definitely grab it without hesitation.

So my friend and Linesister Brittany had a Stained glass Tupac shirt and I loved it asked her where and when she got it and of course her buying it a couple years ago didn’t help me but I went ahead and did my Derria Find Everything Investigation and I found a Camrom version on a random Hip Hop Tees website and my look today is based around this Tee! Of course because Camron is a household name you are still seeing top brands like Forever21 with vintage Camron Merchandise. But I actually snagged this shirt for under $21!

My loyal followers have seen this jacket before but it was something I snagged from Jcpenneys last summer and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it because it’s so bright! My skirt is from HM and I happened to get it on sale for $25 original price $50! NOT! You know I hate paying full price for anything! Let’s get into these mules… I have three pair, rose gold, silver and fuschia. All purchased for under $20!Get the deets below.






Top: Hip Hop Tees

Jacket: JCPenneys

Skirt: HM

Bag: Macy’s

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Glasses: Forever21



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