Most 80s babies remember the film B.A.Ps and I’m pretty sure it’s on your list of your favorites and I can’t blame you because it’s definitely one of my own. Not to mention all the ghetto fabulous wardrobe that Halle Berry wore it was Clatchet (Classy & Ratchet) lol. This look was inspired by B.A.Ps with a twist of Derria added to it.

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48 Hours in Buffalo

Even though I was raised the majority of my life in Charlotte, NC I was born and was raised in Buffalo, NY until I was 8 years old. My mom wanted to get away from the cold weather so she moved me and my brother down south! Best decision she ever made.

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It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this metallic pencil skirt. I immediately knew how I wanted to style it and it all came together with the other pieces.

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70s Flare.


Going to start this post off talking about this bag I searched high and low for after leaving it in my cart and it disappearing after two weeks of trying to wait it out and get a discount on it. Mind you this beautiful market bag only ran me a smooth $35. Which isn’t bad at all for Target but I thank WhoWhatWear for the low prices!

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Let me just start off by saying pink isn’t my favorite color at all. ┬áBut being into fashion has helped me warm up to having pink in my wardrobe at all because if I see an item I like and it’s only in pink I’ll definitely grab it without hesitation.

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