What to Pack for a Trip to Iceland


In less than a week I will be traveling to Reykjavik, Iceland. Yes, I’m leaving bi-polar NC weather for COLD weather. But me and my friends couldn’t pass up a flight for only $200 round trip! Make sure if you’re into traveling that you visit Secret Flying and sign up for their news letter. You start seeing all the GREAT flight deals all around the world.

Back on How to Pack for Iceland… lets first address Wow Airs bag allowance. You can only bring ONE carry-on bag. Not one carry-on and a personal bag… only ONE bag. How is an avid over-packer supposed to do this??? Okay so I’m still trying to get over that but I’ve managed to pack all my clothes but I want to bring two jackets so I have some type of options. Here are the things that need to be packed in your bag if you plan on traveling to Iceland in the winter:


  1. Winter coat- Puffer, wool or Shearling these will keep you warm!
  2. Hat, glove & scarf-FUR Everything if you can!
  3. Hot hands/Hot Feet– The first two are self explanatory especially if you plan on going to Iceland in the winter but to be extra prepared me and my friends are bringing Hot hands and hot feet to make sure we stay warm while doing long tours. You can get a value pack $5 at Walmart)
  4. Multiple portable phone charges– While reading other blogs about their travel experience to Iceland they’ve all suggested that you have portable chargers so that if you plan on taking photos on your phone it wont die while on tours. The time in our Airbnb will be limited because we will only be there for 2 1/2 days.  I’m taking 6, I don’t want my phone to die AT ALL
  5. International convertors– This is a MUST in order to charge or use any device that you have to plug in the wall. For most if not all international travel you can/will use this. You can purchase them at Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx & RadioShack and many other stores or online. I’m taking 3 to charge all of my portable devices and use my flat iron.
  6.  Swimsuit/Swimwear– You’ll need this if you plan on visiting the BlueLagoon.
  7. Sunglasses– You’ll definitely need these not only to set off your photos but to shade your eyes from the reflections off the snow. Do it in style! You know i’ll be taking at least two pair with me.
  8. Small bag– I recently purchased a Fjallraven Mini book bag easy to pack and doesn’t take up a lot of room in my carry-on. I let you guys know how it holds up after my trip.
  9. Neck pillow– The flight from BWI to Iceland is about five hours and if at all possible I want to be comfortable.
  10. Passport– Lets Travel!

I’m not sure what to expect on this trip but I’m open to trying new foods, taking great photos and seeing some wonderful sites. I’ll do a follow up post when I return!




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