Mini Black Friday Haul

I shop year round, weekly and daily sometimes. I shop to find new stuff but the goal is to be able to replace items that I don’t really wear often or at all. So I shop with that in mind and once I find items that I’m sold on, I go home and start filling up an Ikea bag with items I plan on selling to Buffalo Exchange so I can make the money that I’ve spent right back! Not only do my pockets feel better so do I!

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I think it’s important as a wardrobe stylist to highlight current and upcoming trends. I know I know, most of this stuff our parents have seen or we’ve seen the trend a couple years ago but nonetheless not everyone is in the fashion loop! So I’m here to help!

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Fall reBOOT.

Now that I am in the mindset of Fall/Winter it was only right for me to get my BOOT wardrobe together. What I usually do is sell my old clothes and shoes from the previous year so that I can use those funds to buy new stuff! But I’m off to a good start so far. All of my boots were purchased for $40 or less from some of your favorite retailers…Aldo, Marshalls and MakeMeChic to name a few. See my starting line up below!

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Admit One: Band Tee Style Series Part Three

Last but certainly not least Part Three to my Band Tee Style Series is my favorite look of the week. I’ve been sitting on this look for couple weeks and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to shoot it. My metallic skirt is the TRUTH..okay! Even though I did pay more than I wanted for it ($70), I quickly gave ASOS my coins when it was restocked. Paired with a Forever 21 Men’s band tee and some leopard printed booties made for perfect Band Tee Style! I honestly want to know how you style your band tees, let me know and tag #BandTeeStyleSeries on IG! Outfit details below:


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Admit One: Band Tee Style Series Part Two


You’d never believe me if i told you that I’ve been sitting on the items worn in this post for a few months now… but its the honest truth. I have a habit of buying really cute items and waiting sometimes weeks and months for the right time to wear or blog it. First things first you need at least one pair of thigh high boots in your wardrobe, you can wear them any season just about. Grab a open-toe pair for the Summer and a closed toe pair for the Fall/Winter months. I randomly snagged mine from Windsor¬†online late this summer for really reasonable price. Continue reading “Admit One: Band Tee Style Series Part Two”