In Memory of…


I’ve noticed that I’m moving into a season in my life where I don’t care what people think at all about me or my future endeavors. The goal is to be eternally happy with myself and my choices and the look I’m blogging is a reflection of that. The tights trend was probably my favorite part of this look and my jumpsuit being draped around my waist. Living Carefree is the key to my happiness at this point. Not worrying about things I have no control over. In memory of when I cared…..

majid-m-photography-img_0067-derria majid-m-photography-img_0111-derria majid-m-photography-img_0123-derria majid-m-photography-img_0155-derria majid-m-photography-img_0216-derria

majid-m-photography-img_0209-derria img_0327

Top: Forever21

Stockings: Forever21

Jumpsuit: Forever21

Booties: Rugged Warehouse

Bag: Urban Outfitters


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