There are times when I really just want to be comfy and cute at the same time and this was one of those times. You’ll probably see me in this look while traveling or just out shopping on a cooler day if it will ever get cold anytime soon. I snagged this cute one piece off Urban Outfitters clearance online. My all time favorite faux leather jacket from the Target x Who What Wear Collection was the final touch.

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Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!


I am one of those shoppers that shops multiple times a week every week because I feel like Ill miss out on something good. So the weeks that I snagged these items was a win! The vintage Tee I got for $18 bucks at Buffalo Exchange after selling two ikea bags full of my clothes so essentially it was free. My pants were from Rugged Warehouse for $2.99 regular price.  Had to bring in the hottest trend in right now… a Lace up waist belt. The best part of this look were my boots. I’ve grown to loveeeeee Circus By Sam Edelman. The shoes and accessories from him line are so cute and edgy. My boots are from Marhsall’s and were an absolute steal $40. Check out how I put this look together below and where to get these items.  Continue reading “Beetle Juice, Beetle Juice!”

50 Shades of Green


How many many more shades of green can you get in this look, I mean really? Honestly and truthfully Olive is one of my favorite hues. Its definitely been my color of choice this year, and after seeing this jacket at the beginning of Summer took that love to another level. This jacket was originally $100+ and I knew for sure I wasn’t going to pay anywhere close to that. I waited and waited until I found out they were going to have a Columbus Day sale and boom! I snagged this baby for $23!!! Win! I ended up buying the matching pants and that brought the whole look together. Check out this look below!

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It’s Groovy baby…

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I think I have a slight connect to 70s Fashion even though I’m an 80s baby. I love bell bottoms and bell sleeves and platforms. This look was pieced together by random items I found on separate occasions while shopping at Forever 21 and Target. The top is my favorite part of the look. The bell sleeves are so chic and on trend and was only $17 bucks at Forever 21. the Rubik’s Cube bag I snagged off ebay its always been a statement accessory for more toned down looks. Im known to buy and wear the most outlandish purses and this is one of them.

Top: Forever21

Overalls: Target

Bag: eBay

Blog shots

Blog shots

Blog shots

Blog shots

Blog shots

Blog shots

You do what you want when you Bloggin’


My business partner Christen tagged me in photo on IG of a shirt that read “You do what you want when you blogging” and I instantly fell in love. This was the blogger tee for me. I mean obviously we have come across other cool blogger tees but this one rang true to our values as bloggers. We are two up and coming frugal fashion bloggers/influencers out her trying to make it on our terms. All in all we do what we want! This blog look is based around this special Tee and I want to give a special shoutout to Shea @Sheawhatsreal on IG for coming up with this Genius shirt idea for Bloggers. Make sure you snag one! Link below!




majid-m-photography-img_0425-derria majid-m-photography-img_0447-derria majid-m-photography-img_0467-derria



Shirt: Shop With Shea

Skirt: Tj Maxx

Choker: Derria’s Closet

Sneakers: Nordstrom

Jacket: Buffalo Exchange


In Memory of…


I’ve noticed that I’m moving into a season in my life where I don’t care what people think at all about me or my future endeavors. The goal is to be eternally happy with myself and my choices and the look I’m blogging is a reflection of that. The tights trend was probably my favorite part of this look and my jumpsuit being draped around my waist. Living Carefree is the key to my happiness at this point. Not worrying about things I have no control over. In memory of when I cared…..

majid-m-photography-img_0067-derria majid-m-photography-img_0111-derria majid-m-photography-img_0123-derria majid-m-photography-img_0155-derria majid-m-photography-img_0216-derria

majid-m-photography-img_0209-derria img_0327

Top: Forever21

Stockings: Forever21

Jumpsuit: Forever21

Booties: Rugged Warehouse

Bag: Urban Outfitters